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I am Amy Jo.  I am the mother to five or two, depending on the time of year.  I am a hair stylist, seamstress, crafter, insomniac, lip gloss junkie, internet shopper, Lalaloopsy Lover, truth seeker, soul shaker, dream maker, freedom fighter.  And my husband is better than yours.  Just ask him.

Red plays the “Daddy/Husband” role in our crazy life.  He’s a Ginger, but I love him anyway.  While Red is finishing up his degree in Elementary Ed, he’s able to stay home and drive me nuts.  He likes beer, guns, and football.  A real Renissance Man…

Skye is our TEENAGER.  No, I am not old enough to have a teenage daughter, thanks for noticing.  She is Red’s daughter from his first marriage.  She’s a huge help when she’s with us and her sense of humor is all Rowzee.  She’s sassy and I like it.

Kyle is our classic “middle child.”  An overlooked overachiever.  And I can relate.  Kyle and I have a special bond.  He’s got a heart of gold, but likes to give off the impression that he’s a real badass.  And again, I can relate…

Justin wraps up the “Big Kids.”  He’s our comic relief.  We often have to stop and wonder if we’re laughing at him or with him.  Although, he doesn’t seem to mind either way.

Liam is my first born and a real ham.  He’s all boy… except for his love of mermaids, princesses and all things pink and glittery.  He will melt your heart with his sweet words and tight hugs.

Charleigh is our baby…. and our Boss.  She runs the show here and we all know it.  She’s quite a firecracker… absolutely beautiful and possibly schizophrenic.  She will slap you square in the face and then kiss it to make it better.  She keeps us on our toes.

We have a 110 pound Weim named Sid.  He’s lazy and tolerant of us.  Bless his heart…

Needless to say, there is never a dull moment in our home.  Infact, oftentimes, things are ROWDY.  We are loud.  We are crazy.  We are messy.  We laugh and we love with our whole hearts.  And we wouldn’t change a thing!


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