Dark Times


My kids are off to school, my Quiet Time is finished, the house is clean and as I sit here, curled up on the couch with my coffee, listening to my dog snore, I can’t relax.  I can’t stop thinking about our country and where we’re headed.  I’m so bothered by the dark times we’re facing.  I know that this is greatly related to our Revelation Study at church.  I’m aware that this frustration probably stems from fear…  Fear of the unknown and fear of the definite.

This morning I read that the first homosexual couple was married in South Carolina.  Gay Marriage is a tricky sticky issue for me.  First and foremost, I am a follower of Christ.  I long for my heart to be like His.  So with that said, I will boldly say that I reluctantly support gay marriage.  Tricky, right?  I told you.  Here’s why:

1.  God gives us Free Will.  The Lord lets us choose to follow Him or deny Him.  Trust that He could certainly make each of us fall on our face and worship Him if He chose.  He’s God, y’all.  We’re not in control unless He let’s us be in control.  If God let’s us choose salvation, He also let’s us choose sin.

2. The Church has no place in the Government.  The Church, the body of Christ, should be kept separate from the Government. If God gives us the choice, who is the government to hold all people to His commandments? We, Christians, cannot hold unbelievers to God’s standards.  They’re lost.  And they have the right to be lost.  I’m FOUND, Praise GOD- but I chose it!  The Government’s job is very different that the body of Christ’s job.  Their job is to make things fair and right and equal and just.  Our job as Christians is to share the Gospel and be the hands and feet so that people CHOOSE to follow Him.

3. We will all be judged. We all sin.  We will all be judged.  If you think that your sin is different that a homosexual’s sin, you’re wrong.  It’s all filthy and perverse and displeasing to the Lord.  We all need a Savior.

So, with my feet firmly planted on the pro-gay marriage side of the fence, why am I reluctantly claiming it?  Because it’s wrong.  It’s sin.  And it goes against my heart’s desire to be without sin.  It all points to darkness and glorifies the very thing that Christ died for.  It makes my heart sad that we’re living in a time that sin is glorified.  But I have to trust that everything that happens passes through God’s hands first.  He’s allowed us to get to this place.  And there will come a time when He will defeat it all!


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