Self-Loathing Maniac!


With everything that’s going on with Charleigh, work, Next Steps, the Lions Club, CFPC (along with trying to be a good momma and wife!) – I’m feeling overwhelmed.  Like on the verge of a break-down kind of overwhelmed.  I’m not typically someone to wallow in self pity, but I think a little pity party might be in the cards tonight.  Yeah, I’m THAT girl tonight….

I find myself being short with my husband and kids. (Always the first sign that something in my life has gone awry.)  I am a child of God first;  I am a wife and mother second, and a volunteer and employee third.  So, if the third thing on my list is starting to affect and efffect the first two, I’m doing it wrong.  That’s sort of the theme here lately- “I’m doing it wrong.”  So, after I apologize to the 67 people I’ve been rude to over the last three days, I guess I should re-evaluate a bit and get back in the game.

But here’s the part that keeps me from ACTUALLY having a breakdown- remember when I said I was a child of God first?  Well, that comes with some MAJOR perks.  First of all is His GRACE.  Second is His power to change my heart.  He’s working on me everyday.  And He’s not done yet.  So I’m having a pity party tonight because I’ve been a jerk and I’ve screwed up at work and I’ve let some people down, but the good news is that when I go to bed tonight- its done.  I get to wake up to a new day and a new me.  Seriously, how great is my God!?


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