The RIGHT way to PRAY


I think its fair to say that most of us are under the impression that there’s no wrong way to pray.  However and whenever is good as long as you’re doing it.  WRONG.  Jesus teaches us how to pray with The Lord’s prayer.

I just spent about an hour watching Andy Stanley’s Prayer (Permission to Speak Freely) videos.  During these videos, Andy breaks down The Lord’s Prayer and teaches the way God wants us to pray… and why!

After watching, I rushed to my blog because I had to document this for future reference.  This is too good to forget!

If you have 50 or so mins to kill- watch these YouTube videos.  They will change the way you pray!

part 1:

part 2:h ttp://

part 3:

I jotted down a few notes as I listened to the right way to pray…  Here’s what I wrote:

step one: Go to your room, and close the door.  Get intimate.

step two: Recognize His worth and praise it.  Declare His greatness.

step three: Surrender yourself to His will.  THY WILL BE DONE!

step four: Acknowledge your dependency.  Whether you have a little or you have a lot- its all from the Lord.

step five: Don’t spend so much time on what you need or want from God because He already knows!

step six: Don’t quit asking!  Your persistent prayer has the power to change the heart of God.

So, I’ve been praying WRONG.  How about you?


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