What’s for Dinner?


Before I had kids I used to say things like, “…my kids would NEVER…”  and “…if you can’t get a babysitter, don’t go out to eat….” and “…can you believe they let their kid…?”

Almost every single thing I said would never happen, has happened.  Maybe even happening right now.  I’m pretty sure everyone person knows the kind of parent they’re going to be…. until they become a parent.

Red and I took the kids out to eat with a few other friends and their families.  Our night started out with Charleigh insisting on sitting in the only “taken” seat at her table.  That beautiful princess sure can throw a fit and embarrass her momma like no other.  Following that, there was a fist fight over my scarf.  Calm down, I wasn’t involved.  Just Liam and Charleigh.  Justin followed that up with an order of Dr. Pepper (we don’t allow the kids to have caffeine).  After Red, Skye and Kyle finished up their drink orders, the waiter approached me for mine.  I told him what I wanted as well as drinks for Liam and Charleigh.  He asked me how many drinks were on my ticket.  I answered, “seven.”  He asked me again; I told him again.  He asked me AGAIN- I then told him that I was aware that seven drinks was too many, but that’s what we were working with- please move on.  After our food came, Kyle refused to eat because the Orange Chicken he ordered was too “orangey.”  Charleigh threw yet another fit because she and Liam had to split a plate.  Liam taunted her with her own fries.  Charleigh kept leaving the table to go into the hall… The entire night was a…. mess.  Five kids is a mess.  Life is a mess.  But that night- with my five kids, my grumpy husband, my good friends, their messy kids and messy lives-  was one of my favorites.

I can only imagine what other people were saying about our group…. As Charleigh was running off, Benjamin was throwing his sippy cup, Liam was throwing punches, Whitt was on his iPhone, and all the parents were just hamming it up, enjoying eachother’s company and knowing that SOMETIMES, THIS is LIFE.

I am not condoning bad behavior in public- all I’m saying is that every once in a while, its okay to eat your words.


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