What’s Important…


So, blogging is definitely not my “thing.”  I’m terrible at it.  I can never seem to find the time.  I do, however, believe that we ALWAYS make time for what’s important to us.  Did you catch that “to us” part?  No two people’s priorities will ever be the same… While I love sipping coffee and reading other people’s blogs, I certainly hope that mine doesn’t become a favorite because these posts are few and far between.

So what HAVE I been making time for?  School is in, full-swing.  Liam has truly blown us out of the water with his academic abilities this year.  His teacher is a God-send.  Just the right combination of FIRM and LOVE (and a little bit of “momma,” too!) to keep my sensitive, but easily strayed boy on track.  Liam is working on sight words and sound blending.  Reading books with him has really become so much fun.  He is proud of himself and his confidence and satisfaction is not only proof that he’s “getting it,” but also that we’re raising him to know he’s a CAN-Kid.  (I’ll go into the difference in a Can-Kid and a Can’t-Kid some other time!)

Charleigh.  Sweet, beautiful, sassy Charleigh.  This child keeps us on our toes.  For the most part, Charleigh loves school.  Mornings?  Not so much.  Like her Momma, she’d rather stay under the covers until the sun comes up, but once we finally drag her out of bed, she’s eager to get out the door.  Her teacher is a familiar one to us- Liam’s previous teacher.  We requested her for Charleigh and never doubted her ability to handle “Liam’s little sister.”  Charleigh has given us quite a run for our money, though!  She’s a wonderful and well-behaved student.  Guess that means she saves all her sass for home!?  Sass aside, we are both pleasantly surprised and pleased with her attitude AND academics.  My children make me proud…

I thought there was a man in my life at one time, but I’m having a hard time placing him now… Red is BUSY to say the least.  He is the treasurer of Society Hill Friends of the Library.  He is a member of the VFW and the Lions Club.  He’s active in our church- in fact, he just finished up two weekends of Judgement House!  {Can I just brag for a minute?  MY husband participated in an event that led 449 people to make LIFE decisions about Christ!!  How awesome to be a part of THAT!}  He’s running for town council.  He’s a full-time student.  Volunteers just about anywhere he’s needed… all the while providing for our family.  I probably don’t give Red enough credit, but he’s pretty great.  I miss hanging out with him on the couch, but I know that he’s doing good things and he’s the kind of role model I want for our kids.

So there’s just me left.  I have been pretty busy myself.  Still working for The Man (my Dad).  Still taking pictures at all of the MOPS meetings and events.  Still active in the SH Community Outreach Program.  I accepted the position of Secretary there and have taken on the town’s newsletter.  Lions Club and Room Mom have been on the back burner lately.   I’ve been volunteering at the Carolina Family Planning Center a good bit and am taking a six-week  training course there.  A while ago, I prayed and sought out a “life changer.”  I do believe I have found it in CFPC.  So funny how the Lord leads us places.  They asked for a crib, and they got the crib and ME for good.  I have the honor of working with some amazingly inspirational and Godly women to start up a new program at the Center for teen mothers.  I never thought this is what I’d be doing with my life, but I do know that where He leads, I will follow.  There is no doubt that I am right where He wants me.  Great things are happening and I feel blessed that He’s chosen me to be part of them.

Speaking of Carolina Family Planning Center… We have a new addition to our family!  The sweetest, fuzziest puppy in the whole wide world has come to live with us.  The kids named him Oliver and it seems to fit.  Sid adores him, although it took a minute.  No idea what kind of dog or how big Oliver will be, but we’re sure enjoying him while he’s small!

I don’t have a ton of pictures to upload, but I’ll post a few Oliver and Red’s campaign poster headshot!  😉campaign010


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