Not Another Back-To-School Post


I sat down tonight, exhausted from the first week of school, but determined to get something posted for the sake of capturing those sweet “First Day of School” memories.  As I sat down, for maybe the first time today, I let my mind wander.  I thought about relationships.  Past relationships, current relationships, old relationships, newer relationships… I thought about the work that we put into them and what we get out of them in return.   I thought about my own marriage.

Red and I have been married for five “blissful” years.  We’re comfortable with each other.  Yes, that means he’s seen me on the toilet and I’ve seen him cry.  (That’s a brutal as it gets, right?) We’re happy.  But it takes work.  All relationships take work.  The moment you start taking the other person in your relationship (sibling, spouse, friend, etc) for granted- the moment you forget exactly what it is that they’re bringing to the table- is the moment you begin to drift.  The beginning of the end.  In a marriage, we do all kinds of things to keep that drift from happening.  Everything from weekly date nights to marriage counseling to “spicing it up.”  We put a lot of effort into keeping the fire lit in that relationship.

These thoughts lead me to thoughts of a bigger relationship.  An ultimate relationship.  The relationship above all others.  No, not my momma- my God.  MY God.  My God with whom I’ve had a rocky, but LONG relationship.  A relationship that, like all others, needs some work to keep the fire lit.  I know His love, but how often am I too busy to FEEL His love?  How often do I take His friendship, love, guidance, shelter and grace for granted?  In the beginning of my relationship, we were pretty hot for each other.  He was CHANGING me.  He was molding me.  As I began to live my life for Him, and the BULK of the work was done (I’ve got a long way to go!), I went from being hot for Him to those occasional, but so awesome “spiritual highs.”  { Spiritual highs are the equivalent to a super great conversation and meal alone with your husband.  They get you through the week, but if there’s not another one right around the corner, you’re going to begin that ever-dreaded drift.  }  Spiritual highs eventually tuned into a “faithful” relationship.  I love the Lord and He loves me.  I read the Bible and pray and sing my heart out on Sunday mornings.  But that’s not a relationship like He wants for us.  That’s not the relationship I want for us.  Where did that passion go?  I let the fire die.  HE sure tried to keep it burning- raging, in fact.  But I stopped bringing the good stuff to the table.  I focused on other relationships.  It’s now time to “spice it up!”

We put so much effort into making our spouse fall in love with us over and over again-  Why do we expect our relationship with the Lord to be any different?  He’s head over heels for us.  And oftentimes, we love Him, but aren’t IN LOVE WITH HIM.

I’m a work in progress.  Most days, I am a frazzled mess.  But His love is enough.  His grace is sufficient.  And all I have to do is put in a little effort to keep the fire lit.

“…Light the fire in my soul.  Fan the flame; make me whole.  Lord you know just where I’ve been, so light the fire in my heart again…”


So, I am not posting about the first day of school.  This was heavy on my heart tonight… I will say this, though- the first day was perfect.  Liam and Charleigh have wonderful teachers and they looked cute, too.  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself!


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  1. You hit that reality on the head! Relationships take work – even the ultimate one. This is sooo true! Thanks for sharing what was on your heart! Your transparency is so refreshing!

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